I am a creative soul generally found in the northwest part of Montana. What do I do here? I live for the light, I survive by the fresh air, and I die over the mountains every day.

My photographic endeavors shift and evolve fairly often. However, my core will likely always be somewhere along the lines of portraiture and lifestyle. I also offer product photography, couple’s sessions, and elopements.

Stylistically I love natural light, truthful moments, feelings, just real life. Let’s get outside and laugh a lot and if it’s cold I’ll bring tea. By the end you’ll forget how uncomfortable you were at the thought of being in front of a camera.

What I am loving lately: plain iced lattes; leather journals; Tillamook mudslide ice cream; rain; simplifying; Tolkien stories; art books; the sunrise.

I also love making friends, spontaneous photo sessions, and coffeeshops. So don’t overthink things like I usually do—just shoot me a message, and let’s get together and talk about how we will capture and celebrate something beautiful in this fragile life.

*Thanks to Archer Messenger, Daniele Pierangeli for the photos of my hubby & I*